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Transapelt S.A.


Transapelt S.A. is a company which belongs to Grupo Pescarmona and which is devoted to planning and executing the transportation of overdimensioned and extra-heavy loads focusing on large projects of different sectors, including Energy, Industry, Chemistry, Petrochemistry, Mining, and Construction.

The company provides integral service solutions tailored to each project and client in South American countries, including Argentina, Chile, Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay, and Bolivia. For such purpose, it has state-of-the-art equipment and machinery, highly-qualified employees, and proven experience in every type of transportation, loading, and unloading operations.

It is one of the most important companies of the sector both at national and international level.


  • Hoisting and transportation of large power transformers
  • Hoisting and transportation of generators and turbines for thermal and hydroelectric power stations
  • Transportation of heavy and large vessels for chemical and petrochemical industries
  • Transportation of beams and large hoisting devices
  • Transportation of road equipment
  • Transportation of large equipment for the mining industry
  • Transportation of medium-sized loads
  • Transportation of general loads and loads within containers
  • Consolidation and deconsolidation of loads 
  • Transshipment of loads
  • National and international transportation of conventional loads
  • Logistics